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Elevate Your Space with Toronto's Premier Custom Closet and Home Solutions


At Roomidea, we don't just create storage solutions; we craft experiences that transform your home. Our bespoke closets, sleek sliding doors, artisanal kitchen cabinets, luxurious bathroom vanities, and entertainment units are designed to not only stand out but to become a seamless, stunning part of your daily life.

Our discerning customers in Toronto seek us out for more than just our products; they come for the Roomidea difference. It's our professional insight, our commitment to design that caters to your unique needs and refined tastes, and our dedication to customer delight that sets us apart. We believe our work speaks for itself, becoming an integral, shining feature of your home for years to come.

Embark on a journey of home transformation with Roomidea, where your search for tailored elegance in custom closets, room-enhancing sliding doors, kitchen sophistication, and more, ends. Our doors are open for you to explore our gallery of excellence at our Toronto showroom, where your vision meets our craftsmanship.


Versatile Custom Closet Solutions for DIY Enthusiasts & Professional Installation


Unlock Your Dream Space with Our Complimentary Design Consultation


Contemplating retail options for your Toronto home? Pause and dial 416-499-7666 for a personalized, no-cost design consultation with Roomidea, or effortlessly submit a request through our online form. There's no obligation, just opportunity! Prefer a face-to-face chat? Our doors are open for you to explore our array of samples and discuss your vision with us – and yes, we welcome you on Saturdays and Sundays too. Don't let the limitations of off-the-shelf products dampen your space's potential. Your home and office deserve designs that fit like a glove, crafted just for you. With Roomidea, you'll discover that bespoke luxury is within reach, often at prices that are closer to retail than you might think.

At Roomidea, we're not just in Toronto; we're for Toronto. We pledge affordability without compromising on the premium materials, meticulous installation, and stellar service that match, if not surpass, those of our competitors.

Affordable Custom Built Closet Solutions

Economy Custom Closet Solution

Economy Custom Closet Solution for Toronto & GTA

Achieve your desired closet organization in Toronto & GTA without breaking the bank with our Economy Custom Closet Solution. Crafted with a 3/4-inch thickness in either white or black melamine finish, this design omits the toe kick and backing for a streamlined look. Despite its affordability, it offers versatile design options, including distinct areas for hanging long and short garments, shelving, and optional drawers for an additional cost. This solution is ideal for standard reach-in closets or smaller walk-in closets in Toronto & GTA homes. With our modern custom design tailored for the Toronto & GTA market, you can easily view and access all your clothing items, ensuring a hassle-free dressing experience.

Professional Custom Closet Solution

Professional Custom Closet Solution

Elevate your closet space in Toronto & GTA with our Professional Custom Closet Solution. Made with a 3/4-inch thickness and available in a linen finish or various traditional woodgrain melamine finishes, this design includes a toe kick while omitting the backing. While it shares design similarities with the Economy model, the Professional solution offers a broader range of material choices, reflecting the difference in cost. Whether you prefer a fabric texture or a classic woodgrain look, this solution brings a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe organization in the Toronto & GTA region.

Luxury Custom Closet Solution

Luxury Custom Closet Solution

Indulge in the epitome of closet luxury in Toronto & GTA with our Luxury Custom Closet Solution. This design boasts a 3/4-inch thickness in colored melamine with an authentic wood appearance. Standing tall at 9 feet (compared to the standard 8 feet), it aligns with modern homes in Toronto & GTA featuring high ceilings. Customers can choose between options with or without a backing, and the inclusion of a toe kick. Beyond the standard sections for hanging garments and bags, it offers separate zones for male and female users. Additionally, it features a variety of drawer types, including specialized drawers for jewelry, as well as racks for pants, belts, and ties. Door finish options range from high-gloss to soft touch, or matching woodgrain finishes. This solution is perfect for larger walk-in closets, wardrobes, and those in Toronto & GTA seeking a premium closet experience.


Custom Closet Gallery

Transforming Your Old Closets into Luxury, Enjoyable Living Spaces through Design and Build

Why Choose Rooidea For Your Custom Closets In Toronto


From design to measurement, from manufacturer to installation, we are committed to delivering our high quality products and service to our customers in each of the projects


Tailored Designs for You

Our designs are not just creative but also functional, uniquely crafted to cater to your specific needs and preferences.


Meticulous Craftsmanship

Every custom product we create is built with precision and dedication, reflecting our commitment to superior craftsmanship.


Precision in Installation

Our team ensures that each product is installed with utmost care and precision, guaranteeing longevity and optimal functionality.


Eco-Friendly Excellence

We prioritize the environment by selecting top-tier, eco-friendly materials, ensuring sustainability without compromising on quality.


Unparalleled Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, ensuring that every client's experience is smooth and satisfactory.


Competitive Pricing Advantage

Beyond our quality and service, what sets us apart is our competitive pricing, offering great value for top-notch solutions.

how we work


 We work with homeowners, builders, contractors, designers etc.


We provide free consultation from custom closets, and sliding doors to kitchen cabinets; we offer professional advice and we care for your needs & budgets.


After taking exact measurements and knowing your needs, Roomidea will complete detailed drawings for customers to make confirmation.


Each of the projects will be made elaborately and accurately with the finest materials at our workshop.


Your products will be precisely installed at your home. Our installation technicians always work efficiently, and we will cleaning up after installation.


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What our customers in GTA talk about us

Nate Richard
Nate Richard
Customer from Toronto

We researched online to find a company who can do custom closets and sliding doors to us. I sent an email to Roomidea, Cathy replied very quickly, she asked me to provide rough opening dimensions, after I sent her the dimension, she quoted me and make a 3D design for the walk in closet with very reasonable price. The closets and sliding doors look so perfect! I would highly recommend Roomidea.

Alan Ing
Alan Ing

Roomidea took our ideas and brought it to life, they did an amazing job with our custom closet, wardrobe and laundry room. Cathy was very helpful along the process and the installers did an amazing and clean job. Would definitely recommend anyone looking for custom cabinets/ closets. We will for sure be coming back to Roomidea in the near future!

Mary B
Mary B
Customer from North York

Roomidea made some custom closets and sliding doors for our relative, we are very impressed by the unique, beautiful and very organized closets and sliding doors. We asked Roomidea to design and make our full house millwork, kitchen cabinets, wet bar, closets, TV wall units, they did a fantastic job, it increased the value of our house, we are so happy to work with Roomidea.

Customer from Thornhill

I recently moved to a new apartment and need a custom closet with sliding doors as well as a walk-in closet. I Googled to find Roomidea, and it turned out that their products are surprisingly good: the sliding doors can slide very smoothly, and I really like the different make-and-match that they offer. Really happy with this experience and will strongly recommend Roomidea to my friends.

Karen Lee
Karen Lee
Customer from Vaughan

I ordered custom mirrored closet doors to replace some very old ones. Cathy was quite forthcoming and confident in asking the right questions to give an accurate quote. David came and took the measurements and about 10 days later they were installed!. The installers were personable and professional and I'm very happy with the closet doors. They look great, and move so easily and smoothly. Such a pleasure.

Dianne Neubauer
Dianne Neubauer
Customer from Toronto

Hi Cathy, I’d like to thank you for your excellent advice to help me make the best choices for our closet needs. You and David were both very patient, helping me adjust the designs so we were able to maximize all the storage space available in our condo. I was also very impressed with your installers who were very organized, professional, respectful of our home and were a great team to complete the work in one day. Thank you very much!

Dan Dempster
Dan Dempster
Customer from Markham

Our many experiences with Cathy and David at Roomidea have all been entirely positive. We have now worked with them on 4 different projects (bedroom walk-in closet, new sliding doors, floor-to-ceiling bookcase in study, floor-to-ceiling wall units in master bedroom including drawers, cupboards and bookshelves). In every project, Cathy has provided her professional insights and graciously made helpful suggestions as we worked through the draft drawings.

Christina Ng
Christina Ng
Customer from Richmond Hill

I shopped around to a few different companies before I finally settled with Room Idea. Their doors are very sturdy with different designs available (we went with a glass and mirror combination) and even when there were some issues w/ the installation they came back the very next day and fixed it for us. The closet doors look great, they're on smoother rollers and they've added an updated look to our rooms. Thank you!

Suresh Iyer
Suresh Iyer
Customer from Toronto

Cathy, with her team, is amazing. From the time of our first visit to the showroom to the final installation...we had a pleasant experience. Cathy is very knowledgeable, customer friendly, courteous and takes time to understand the customer needs. She was accommodating to change the design a couple of times to suit our specific requirements. Based on overall experience and price, I will recommend Room idea to anyone.

Jim Wong
Jim Wong
Customer from Toronto

We are very pleased with the additions and renovations provided by Cathy and David of Roomidea to our Toronto condo. Your design, price (on budget) schedule and especially colour and material matching was well done. Installation by your skilled staff was fast and efficient. I highly recommend Roomidea Decoration Inc.

FAQ About Custom Closet Solutions

Transform Your Morning Routine with Custom Closet Organizers: 6 Life-Changing Advantages

In the modern home, custom closet organizers aren't just a luxury—they're an essential. The absence of an organized closet is palpable, often leaving you wrestling with disarray or struggling to select an outfit for a big day. It's all too common to feel like your wardrobe is lacking, only to find that it's not a lack of clothes, but a lack of organization that's the real issue.

Ever experienced the frustration of purchasing a new piece of clothing, only to find its twin buried under a pile in your closet? Or the daily time-sink of hunting for that specific blouse, detangling jewelry, or searching for a pair of shoes?

These scenarios underscore the value of custom closet organizers. In today's world, where every moment of peace counts, a streamlined closet is more than just a tidy space—it's a lifestyle upgrade. It simplifies your routine, keeps garments in ready-to-wear condition, banishes the chaos, and turns the act of choosing an outfit from a chore into a pleasure.

Why are custom closet organizers important?

Streamline Your Life with Custom Closet Organizers

Efficiently organize your life with RoomIdea’s custom closet solutions. Say goodbye to the frustration of misplaced items and the chaos of cluttered spaces. Whether it’s finding your best suit for a crucial meeting or that perfect pair of shoes for a night out, our organizers ensure everything is at your fingertips, ready when you are.

Our tailored closet systems consider your unique storage needs, offering a plethora of features like drawers, shelves, specialized racks, and more, to keep everything from clothes to accessories in perfect order. RoomIdea’s designs not only maximize your existing space but also complement your home’s architecture, ensuring a harmonious blend of form and function.

Choosing RoomIdea means opting for a clutter-free, stress-free lifestyle. Our custom organizers promise to transform your home into a sanctuary of calm, where every item has its place, and peace of mind is a natural byproduct. Embrace the ease and efficiency of a well-organized closet and make the most of every moment in your home.

Best closets in the market

Custom closet organizers come in various styles, from DIY kits to professionally installed systems. Walk-in closets offer ample storage and a private area to dress, often doubling as a personal retreat with luxurious add-ons like laundry stations or lounge areas. For smaller spaces, reach-in closets provide practical storage solutions without occupying much room, integrating seamlessly into walls.

At RoomIdea, we specialize in crafting custom closets tailored to your preferences and home’s layout. Whether you desire a spacious walk-in or a compact reach-in, our organizers are designed for accessibility and ease. Send us your specifications, and we'll create a closet system that brings organization and serenity to your daily routine.

Where to install custom closet organizers

There are several areas of the house where you might wish to consider installing a closet organizer. How well organized are your garage, basement, pantry, and laundry? Would a home office be useful to you? What about a fantastic mudroom? What if you could ensure that your children's rooms are always tidy? All who live an orderly life have a wonderful sense of tranquility. For a risk-free, obligation-free design consultation, Call Us, and let's get organized together!

Why work with RoomIdea?

RoomIdea is one of the best carpentry companies in Toronto. With over 10 years of experience in building beautiful custom closet organizers, our expert team builds and installs quality and durable custom closet organizers for your home. Aside from our quality service, Roomidea Decoration Inc. offers a five-year warranty on custom closet organizers built and installed by us. What are you waiting for? Call us now to get the best solution to your closet organizer needs.

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