Top 5 reasons to get a custom closet and how they can benefit you

A custom closet is one piece of furniture that directly helps with cleanliness and order in the home. Today, every home has at least one closet because they are essential pieces of furniture in the home that directly help with keeping things organized. You will find them perfect for storing clothing and other household items.

A custom closet is not only useful for storing things, but it also adds a unique touch to the look of your home. It adds to the style and gives the whole room a very elegant and detailed touch. There are professional custom closet companies in Canada that build a variety of closets for the Canadian market, but you can have a custom closet built to fit the characteristics of the location where you intend to station it.

Why get a custom closet?

With a custom closet, you can create amazing spaces that are unique and fit your needs. Here are five significant benefits and reasons to choose a custom closet today.

They are built to suit your needs

The major benefit of a custom closet is that it can be made to fit any space, even nooks or odd-shaped openings. This makes it easy to get the most out of every part of your home. A custom closet is a unique piece created for a specific interior. By fitting perfectly into the space, it gives the room character, makes it unique, and is a significant part of the architecture of a home.

With a few notes on style, materiality (material, color, texture), and the need that the piece must cover, the architect can project a unique piece of furniture that fully adjusts to your taste.

Custom closets are also ideal for spaces with special heights or measurements. To get the best result, you will show where the furniture should go, how big it should be, what it needs to do, and how much you can spend. You are also free to share any set of aesthetic preferences (style, materials, and colors). With all this data, an expert builds exactly the best custom closet for you.

Own a dressing room of your dream

The perfect wardrobe or dressing room exists, and they are the ones that adapt like a glove to your real storage needs. Custom closets not only fit, but they also have the right bars for the clothes you have to hang, the exact shelves for folded clothes, and the accessories to fit them inside the drawers. This can hardly be achieved with standard modular furniture.

Enjoy more space

A custom closet can create a space by itself. Many interior designers are getting used to using them as room dividers to make an apartment look nicer. With custom closets in a large room, you can create a dining room and map out zones to get privacy and storage capacity at the same time.

From an economic point of view, a standard closet can offer significant savings over a custom closet. However, a standard closet will not make the most of your space, be it in height or width. It is also important to mention that you cannot have a column or beam within that space. Besides choosing the material and color of the door based on how it looks in the room, you can also change the door’s interior to fit your needs.

There is no limit to compositions

The best way to take advantage of every inch of space is through custom furniture. A custom closet responds to needs that a standard closet does not meet, such as fitting into a very specific space. You can have any size closet for any space you desire. Design options are also limitless. For custom closets, what you want is what you get.

They fit into any type of room

A custom closet can always cover up useless spaces between columns and anywhere else. In this way, they use space that wasn’t being used before and add storage to their homes in a stylish way. A custom closet makes the most of all the space it has and is made to fit the clothes of each person.

Custom closets are designed so that they can be fully integrated into any environment. For example, a finish with smooth fronts and no visible handles in the same color as the walls makes it possible to lighten the visual weight of a bulky piece such as a wardrobe, while one with mirrors not only gives depth but is also very practical and adds a note of style to an otherwise essential space.

A custom closet is made to fit into a certain space without leaving gaps or grooves where dirt can gather. It creates spaces that are not only finer but also more hygienic and easy to clean.

You choose the material

The choice of raw material, the thickness of the boards, and the colors are other issues that play in favor of a custom closet, which is available in all kinds of materials and finishes. Wood is usually the star here, although medium-density fiberboard is also widely used with different finishing treatments like paint and lacquer. Whatever the material is, choose it and enjoy happy usage.

Important custom closet configurations and their uses

Our collection of accessories offers you multiple configurations, and can also be complemented with small battery-powered interior lights you can place wherever you want to illuminate your clothes and give them a more chic touch.


The shelves are the basic elements that are more practical since they allow us to place baskets and boxes to hide the most intimate garments, or you can use them to place our shirts, sweaters, or pants.

If you place shelves in the upper part of your dressing room or closet, you can use them to store blankets, cushions, or trolleys, and even put some decorated boxes there to store clothes from other seasons.


They are ideal for underwear and accessories such as scarves and belts. They are essential for organizing your custom closet. You can place them in the lower part of the cabinet as a tower or arrange them in a horizontal line at the height of your waist.

The drawers with guides allow easy opening and safety when closing them.


The bars cannot be missing in our dressing room or wardrobe; they are the simplest and cheapest elements to place dresses, shirts, and pants, but in some specific cases there are the tilting bars, which you can place in the upper parts of the cabinets when they are of great height, since having difficult access to these parts, the simple bar is not the most comfortable. The rocker bars are very easy to lower and raise.


They are the ideal complement to the pants because they are folded and hung, preventing wrinkling. These can be fixed or removable and can also be doubled.

Tie holders

This is a very practical element that takes up tiny space. It could also be removable, and you could place not only ties but also scarves or belts on it.

Shoe Rack

We recommend placing them at the bottom of your closet, although if you have a lot of pairs, you can design a cloth just for your shoes.

The importance of closet organization

A messy closet, besides causing stress and discomfort, is very impractical since, in the mornings or when you are in a hurry to get dressed and go to work, not finding what you need is a big problem. The organization of the closet is essential to having a functional bedroom, and that also helps you feel better.

If the organization of your closet is conspicuous by its absence, this disorder is likely quite annoying. For this reason, you must look for strategies to find the best way to keep your clothes organized and also in good condition since disorder helps to ensure that your clothes get damaged or wrinkled more than necessary.

Having a tidy closet does not have to be an impossible mission, especially if you do your part or if you are aware that perseverance is important to tidy up a little every day so that it is never completely messy.

For this, you don’t have to install a vast custom closet or a dressing room in an entire room; what is important is that you can always have it well placed, folded, clean, and also well distributed.

In furniture stores, you can find many resources to keep your closet tidy, such as hangers, baskets, storage boxes, or shoe racks. It is advisable to keep the clothes that you wear the most on hand, and for those that are not in season or that you use less, store them in the highest areas of the closet or a well-kept storage box.

Remember that closet organization does not have to be a problem or something tedious to do because it is good for you and your clothes. Having your clothes organized will help you feel better and take better care of them. Don’t forget that your appearance is what first speaks of you; hence, the more well-organized you organize your clothes with a custom closet, the better your fashion choices.

Getting started with the custom closet installation

Before you decide to order a custom closet, give yourself enough time to think about how much storage you need. Also, keep in mind that this kind of project requires the work of a team of professionals, from designers to installers. They can give you many helpful tips and ideas as the project goes on. As a 100% custom solution that must be made to fit both the space, an expert’s measurements are essential. It must also suit the way you live (with a good layout) and, of course, our style (with fronts adapted to the rest of your home). Plan it carefully and talk to more than one expert until you find the one who shows a better understanding of your needs.


A custom closet is not as expensive as many people believe. If the benefits they bring above the standard closet are anything to go by, then they are cheaper than you think. Another beauty of a custom is that you can balance cost with customization, so you can stick to your budget while building the storage you need. RoomIdea specializes in stylish and affordable custom closets that do not compromise on quality. Find out what you get for your money with a custom order, and design yours today.