Modern Kitchen Cabinets


Modern kitchen cabinets are beautiful pieces of kitchen furniture that solve storage problems greatly. When you want your kitchen to look sleek and free of clutter, try one of RoomIdea's modern kitchen cabinets. We offer different cabinets for your kitchen’s optimum functionality

What makes a modern kitchen cabinet special?

Dynamic, clear, and functional. Modern kitchens are very popular with design-conscious people. And score points with an elegant design reduced to the essentials, individually tailored equipment, and the latest kitchen technology.

In larger kitchens, several kitchen cabinets offer space for pots, cookware, and other kitchen items in different sizes and widths. Every smaller kitchen cupboard is usually provided with a worktop and can therefore be used directly for preparing food.

High kitchen cabinets are often used as storage space and, with a height of two meters or more, offer enough space for canned goods or fresh ingredients. The layout that a kitchen cabinet offers depends on the manufacturer and the preferences of the buyer, so simple shelves are just as established as larger drawer systems or insertable baskets.


Breathtaking design for modern kitchen cabinets

The Advantages of Kitchen Cabinets

All kitchens, both big and small, need kitchen cabinets. Since many wares need to be kept safe in the right places, kitchen cabinets come as a useful facility for homeowners. It can house your utensils, silverware, and other items safely, ‌ruling out that the days of storing kitchen supplies on shelves and in cartons are long gone. Modern cabinets are now found in kitchens, and they are constructed to match homeowners' tastes and lifestyles.

RoomIdea makes quality kitchen cabinets come in a vast range of styles and variations. These are crafted using refined design methods and often have eye-catching builds that are even better when combined with other things. There are custom kitchen cabinets with woodgrain finish doors meant to satisfy purpose and durability.

Simple pull-up and-down windows, glass doors, and pantry shelves make up our kitchen cabinets. These are elegantly built, using a mixture of contemporary shapes, styles, and materials such as wood, chrome, and glass.

We offer good-looking kitchen cabinets with various accessories added to them. For example, holders, hangers, and locks help to improve the visual appeal of cabinets and offer places to put extra items that don't fit anywhere else.

Our kitchen cabinets function as cabinet organizers, creating a large amount of clutter-free space and preventing kitchen items from getting trapped, which makes them easier to access. Depending on the needs of the homeowners, you may choose to keep your kitchen cabinets single-layered or tier-style.

The list is fairly long for kitchen cabinet functioning. The ability to hold all the things you want is the nicest part. These are beneficial for storing spices and condiments so that people may easily access them. You can use these cabinets to keep your decorative dinner plates and drinking glasses. In this manner, you can display your collection of dinnerware and kitchenware and decor. To ensure their safety and public visibility, place such delicate things on the upper shelves of the cabinet.

Many kitchen cabinets from RoomIdea include a special function called soft action that guarantees gentle drawer opening and shutting. Including this element in your kitchen cabinets serves several purposes, including preventing finger slamming and preventing the sharp motion from moving or shaking the internal contents.

Many kitchen cabinets employ detachable cabinet inserts. These are easily movable to accommodate various needs. Utensil trays, cup holders, plate holders, and dividers are additional inserts that are available. They are quite simple to get from kitchen renovation companies.

Kitchen cabinets can be made in a wide variety of ways because there is no set standard for them. According to the available area and your budget, you can construct and change them as you choose. Metal cabinets are the best option if durability is what you're after.

Types of cabinets for kitchens

Roomidea offers kitchen cabinets in a wide variety of designs:

Base kitchen cabinets

Modern base cabinets are an indispensable part of any kitchen. Because they form the foundation and therefore need to be chosen with care. To choose the right one from many models, pay particular attention to the dimensions and equipment besides the design. Base cabinets are between 60 cm and 80 cm high. For more ergonomics, those that allow a comfortable working height (15 cm below the elbow) when preparing food are suitable. For functions, it all depends on your preferences - do you want a variant with compartments or a kitchen cabinet with drawers? In both circumstances, you have a variety of choices!

Either a sink cabinet with an integrated sink is suitable for washing dishes, or a base cabinet for which the sink is purchased separately.

Upper cabinets

Storage space is valuable–especially in the cooking area. Because only when sufficient storage solutions are available to stow away kitchen utensils, provisions, pots, etc., is it possible to work comfortably? Besides at least one kitchen cabinet with drawers, kitchen top cabinets are a great option for utilizing free wall space, making them a great addition to any kitchen. Tip: A wall cabinet with a glass insert is a beautiful eye-catcher and is ideal for presenting selected crockery.

Tall cabinets for kitchens

Tall kitchen cabinets often shine as true all-rounders. Many specimens have cut-outs for electrical appliances such as ovens, microwaves, or refrigerators. In this way, you can also use the space efficiently at height. Another advantage: Tall cabinets help to open the oven or refrigerator door, which is easy on the back and thus increases comfort. Are you looking for a solution to store canned goods, pasta, and rice‌? A narrow kitchen cupboard is ideal for space-saving storage. Thanks to integrated rails, apothecary cabinets can usually be pulled out completely so that you can easily access all supplies.

Top cabinets

Similar to wall units, the height of the room can be used well with top cabinets. However, such a rather small kitchen cupboard is not mounted hanging but finds its place directly on the worktop. Our tip: Corner cabinets are ideal in an L or U-shaped kitchen. A kitchen cupboard in gray - just like a kitchen cupboard in anthracite - blends in perfectly with various styles.

Corner cabinet

Corner cabinets allow you to make the most of every square meter in your kitchen. A corner sideboard acts as a connection between two sideboards and not only ensures a visually smooth transition but also offers additional workspace. Matching corner wall cabinets can be selected, which complete the overall picture and add even more storage space to your kitchen.

What should I consider when buying a kitchen cabinet?

How do I choose the right kitchen cabinet? There are a few necessary things that play an important role when you want to pick the best cabinet for your kitchen. Things like the storage space for dishes, electrical appliances, and food play an important role, and the space available in the kitchen is just as important. Below are a few questions that will help you make the right choice of Kitchen cabinet:

The purpose of your kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cupboards in which dishes are stored need a lot of storage space and high clarity. Base cabinets with pull-outs are ideal for this. The view from above and the large footprint make it easy to keep things tidy.

Quality of cabinet components

A kitchen cupboard is opened and closed several times a day. High-quality processing of the body and high gloss finish doors are just as important as hinges and pull-out mechanisms that can withstand frequent use for years without damage.

Suitability of kitchen cabinet

Your kitchen type will determine what type of kitchen cabinet you will go for. For small kitchens, the floor space is limited.

Tall cabinets use the space in the kitchen upwards and offer many storage options with a small floor plan.

Fitted kitchens, which are available as modules or individually assembled, are enjoying growing popularity. A combination of different cabinets, which are available in different dimensions and types and a variety of designs, is ideal. Included as basic equipment.

Base cabinets with pull-outs or doors in every kitchen, tall cabinets, and wall cabinets are also part of the furnishings. Drawers for cutlery and small items are also an important part of the kitchen and, most times, integrated into the kitchen cupboard. Choosing the right design results in harmonious kitchen furnishings that optimally combines optics and functionality.

Besides the design of the visible surfaces, the body material also plays an important role. Here you have the choice, for example, between solid wood and wood-based panels. Kitchen cabinets made of moisture-resistant and wear-resistant panels are robust and functional. They are also available in many surface variants and make kitchen furnishings particularly durable. Kitchen cabinets made of metal or a combination of materials, such as metal and glass, look classy and exclusive.

Other components of a good kitchen cabinet

  • On a strong back wall. It ensures the stability of the entire cabinet.
  • On the fittings. Good kitchens have convenient opening mechanisms, and self-closing and change are easy.
  • On the pull-outs of the kitchen base cabinets. The stability and the fittings of the pull-outs for kitchen base cabinets are important.
  • On the suspension made of full metal. This enables easy alignment on the wall.
  • On the handles or the opening variant. They should enable comfortable access and ergonomic, safe, and easy operation.
Our recommendations for kitchen cabinets

Various types of cabinets offer flexible options for redesigning a kitchen or adding to the furnishings:

Base cabinets are available in many sizes and with different interiors. The selection ranges from pull-out cupboards and drawer cupboards to cooktop cupboards, shelving cupboards, or sliding-door cupboards. Base cabinets are also available as corner solutions.

Tall cabinets are available with different door systems and interior divisions. Apothecary cabinets with side access and so-called space towers, which have individual drawers, are popular tall cabinets.

Upper cabinets, also known as wall cabinets, provide storage options without taking up floor space. Thanks to the various door solutions such as folding, folding or sliding doors, the kitchen cabinets are optimally adapted to the space and needs in the kitchen.

Top cabinets create additional storage options in the kitchen. They stand directly on the worktop. So that the kitchen cabinet is flush with the wall cabinets, please make sure you choose the right height.

Kitchen cabinets with special interiors such as waste collectors sink base cabinets with drawers or bread cabinets are functional.

Finding the right size for kitchen cabinets

We have different sizes of kitchen cabinets available today. However, there are a few basic rules that will help you determine the right size for your kitchen cabinet.

The standard depth for built-in cabinets in the kitchen is 60 cm for base cabinets.

Lower and upper cabinets are available in widths from 30 to 120 cm.

Tall cabinets are available in widths from 30 to 60 cm.

Important Tip: The distances are in increments of 10 to 15 cm. Although there are standards for widths, lengths are not. Therefore, you can look for kitchen cabinets with the ideal length for you.

When taking measurements, please note that kitchen cabinets that stand directly against the wall and whose door opens towards the wall need some play. A distance of 5 cm between the side of the cabinet and the wall is sufficient. In fitted kitchens, the resulting gaps are often covered with strips that match the kitchen design.

Why buy kitchen cabinets from RoomIdea?

Building a beautiful and functional kitchen space is a professional thing. At RoomIdea, we design and build the best cabinet for your kitchen. We are professional and we have the requisite experience in actualizing your dream kitchen.

Our wealth of experience made it easy for us to give a five-year warranty on all products built and installed by our experts. Contact us for a free consultation appointment.


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