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"  I love my closets! The closet looks fantastic, and the bathroom cabinet looks amazing too, you guys did a great job. Very pleased with job quality and promptness and the courtesy and efficiency of all your employees and subcontractors. "




" Cathy,  I just got my beautiful bookcase finished, I want to tell you it was so so beautiful, it is over my expecting, it was truely and lovely to meet you and your company, I think I will use your company again, one day, I am sure. Thank you so much . " 




"  I am satisfied with Room-Idea service. Compared to other local companies. I would say they are the best. ...... Keep your smile, Cathy. Keep your good service, Room-Idea. Love everything! Thank you!!" 


North York


“ First of all the product can be the best ones I've seen in Toronto. The closets are made according to my home condition and the price is resonable. The closet and the sliding door fit my home perfectly and both the quality and beautifulness are in high level. They well worthed that money....”




"Dear Cathy, thank you very much for all the excellent works at our home, we've got a lot of compliments from our friends for the cabinets and sliding doors, they all like the smart designs and good jobs. some of them will visit your showroom to do the same styles as ours. We're very happy!......




".....To be honest, Roomidea is the best store I have visited during my renovation, I am very happy to choose them to do my closets with sliding doors and cabients, Cathy and David are very nice, their price is very reasonable but with a excellent job! My home is very beautiful and the closet spce is very useful. Thanks Roomidea."




"Cathy, you are so honest, when I choose your company to make my kitchen cabinets, you told me you are new for kitchen cabinets, I saw your samples, I like the style and I like your price. After you finish my kitchen, I know I have made an absolutely correct decision; you have done a very good job. The kitchen cabinets are gorgeous! Thank you so much."




“ Dear Cathy,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and David for all the hard work and efforts you have done for our closets and sliding doors, we are 100% satisfied with this order, the design is perfect, now the space is totally organized, all of our clothes, shoes, shirts even my bags have their own place, the sliding doors are so useful and beautiful, the space looks much larger now, our life is much easier and more happy than before. Thank you very much!”


Richmond Hill


" To be honest, I shopped around for a long time before I choose your company, when I visit your showroom, I think you can do a great job, and you really give me a good deal compare to others. I am quite satisfied your products and service, the sliding doors are sliding very smoothly and lightly, and they make the space so beautiful! Looks like you give me a new house, thank you very much."


Richmond Hill