These Benefits of Custom Closet Doors Will Blow Your Mind

Thinking of installing a custom closet door in your house? RoomIdea wants you to know all the mind-blowing benefits and the disadvantages (if there are any) of custom sliding closet doors. Sometimes people install custom closet doors just for their beauty and to create more space. Though acceptable, it is not always the case. A custom closet door must be as functional as it is beautiful. So, here is everything you need to know about custom sliding closet doors and why you should consider them in all home design situations.

What are custom sliding closet doors?

Sliding doors are not rocket science of any kind. They are simply doors that slide open horizontally. They are customized to fit the design and type of closet when installed. You can slide the door on different mechanisms, depending on the type of sliding door you choose for your closet. Aside from the closet, they can be installed in both the interior and exterior of a home. Public and crowded spaces are not an exception. They have motion-sensor devices that open and close the sliding doors automatically.

History of sliding doors

Historically, sliding doors are not new in the building construction industry. They have been around for ages, with roots dating back to ancient times. The history of sliding doors is traceable to the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, where archaeologists found rails carved into rocks. They have also been the most common type of door in Japan for centuries. In the first centuries of installation in the Japanese country, they were made of paper.

Models of sliding doors

Below are the three most popular custom sliding closet door models from which you can choose, depending on the solution you are looking for:

Concealed guide sliding doors

If you want a type of sliding door that isn’t see-through and doesn’t require any work to be done in the house, the best way to do it is with a sliding door that has a hidden guide.

They are quiet models with good looks. The door is always visible, and they have a high-performance system for stopping and damping.

Embedded sliding doors on a leaflet

If what you are looking for is a door that is not visible, more hermetic, and discreet, you can have these sliding door models integrated into the wall.

They take a little more work to set up than models with hidden guides, but they don’t affect the work much and are easy to set up.

French sliding doors

Last, there is an elegant model that differs from the others. It has the same features as the other models, but it also has glass openings that let in more light.

The benefit offered by sliding French door models is infinite since the combinations are both for the number of holes that we can add in the door and for the type of glass to be implemented in them (opaque, screen-printed, and transparent.)

The benefits of custom sliding closet doors

The benefits of sliding doors stand out in all cases. Here are the benefits of custom sliding closet doors to consider:

Space becomes less of an issue

The first thing you will notice with a custom sliding closet door is how much space it saves. And this is mainly because of its longitudinal opening system since it does not need a frontal space to open or close.

When you use custom sliding closet doors, you can gain up to a meter and a half more space. With a sliding door installed for your closet, you will gain space in small rooms. You do not have to leave a space to lower a conventional door. In exchange, you can take advantage of it to put in an auxiliary piece of furniture or a larger closet.

Aesthetics and design

Depending on the type of door and the material you choose, your custom sliding closet door can double as a powerful decoration piece in your room. Your sliding door can let in beautiful light if you change it up and add a glass to it.

For closets that are on their own, a custom sliding closet door can make a beautiful wall when it is closed. It conceals your closet and seals off the other side of your apartment from being seen from that side. Partitioning gives your room a very interesting contrast.

Another aesthetic aspect is that they provide the option of placing continuous mirrors. This will provide your room or living room with a greater amount of reflected light. In conclusion, the considerable and much greater luminosity of custom sliding closet doors usually stands out from other options for their elegance and the unique modern touch they exude.

Style and versatility

Custom sliding closet doors are appropriate for any type of decoration. It doesn’t matter if your house is rustic, Scandinavian, or minimalist; custom sliding closet doors look good everywhere. There is a vast variety of closets‌, and if none of them fit your taste and needs, remember that at RoomIdea we can design the custom closet of your choice from scratch.

Because they have straight panels and can be decorated like a wall, custom sliding closet doors also give you a lot of decorating options.

Hygienic and easy to maintain

The closure provided by custom sliding closet doors makes it more difficult for dust and dirt particles to penetrate inside‌.

The maintenance of custom sliding closet doors is also super simple. It is almost impossible for them to break, but in case the door falls off, it is very easy to put it back on.

Durable and long-lasting

Custom sliding closet doors are very resistant, and you will notice this in the absence of the typical slamming of cabinet doors, blows, or the classic deterioration of the hinges, which are typical of traditional doors. This means that its useful life is usually much longer.

Any disadvantages of sliding doors?

Custom sliding closet doors have the following few notable disadvantages:


Their price varies depending on the type of door you choose. These doors are usually more expensive than conventional hinged doors.

Less visibility

Never, ever, will you be able to see the entire closet open at once. And that, if you are one of those who loves to review the closet and spend hours preparing combinations, it will be inconvenient. You’re going to spend the morning sliding doors back and forth.

Little hermetic

Compared with the folding ones, the closure is not so hermetic. Also, cleaning the cabinet doors from the inside is not going to be an easy task.

More depth needed

If the depth of a conventional wardrobe is about 60 cm, for a wardrobe with sliding doors to be comfortable, you should have at least 65-70 cm depth, because you already lose a few cm for the guides. If not, the clothes will end up getting caught in the doors, being uncomfortable.

What to consider when installing a custom sliding closet door

Before going ahead with your plan to install a custom sliding closet door for your closet, here are some important things you should consider:

What is the system needed for a sliding door?

Custom sliding closet doors have a more complex installation, but it is quite standardized. To install them, the most common is to resort to “leaflets”. These are metal frames with a sheet metal “box” in which the door is inserted when it is open. They require a larger space in the partition, approximately twice the size of the width of the door leaf since it has to fit the passageway and the “box” where the sliding door is hidden. This metal box exists in several versions depending on whether you have plasterboard or brick partitions. If the partitions are made of brick, it is prepared to be covered with plaster, and if the partitions are made of plasterboard, it is prepared to be covered with plasterboard.

Best closet sliding door materials

There are many types of materials in which to find sliding doors. Some are cheaper than others. From the point of view of style, we can find sliding doors with finishes for all tastes. Among the most common, wood sliding doors stand out as a classic that never goes out of style, and can bring warmth to any environment. Lacquered wooden sliding doors are also trending. In white, the doors integrate perfectly with the walls, becoming almost invisible, but we can find finishes in a wide color palette, perfect for a more fun and personal style, giving wings to our creativity.

Along with blind sliding doors, manufacturers also offer glass or glass sliding doors. These models achieve results with a great visual impact, adding a touch of modernity and elegance to any space.

Custom glass sliding doors

If your priority is to achieve a unique design for your home, glass or glass sliding doors perfectly combine design and functionality. The installation of this type of door allows visual expansion of space, making the most of the lighting with a modern style. There are transparent glass models, ideal for more intimate spaces, or even colored glass.

The sliding glass doors work as a unique transition element between the interior of the house and the exterior. Their characteristics make them an exceptional backdrop for gardens, patios, porches, and terraces. These doors also achieve magnificent results in bedrooms or rooms with access to terraces or balconies.

Within the section on sliding glass doors‌ finished in wood, French doors deserve a special mention, an example of timeless elegance.

But the uses of sliding glass doors go far beyond the division between rooms. Its infinite possibilities have captivated designers, who also opt for the installation of sliding glass doors in wardrobes or dressing rooms.


The benefits of custom sliding closet doors outnumber their demerits. Unless otherwise stated, custom sliding closet doors are a must-have for any homeowner with closets. If you are thinking of changing or creating a new custom sliding closet door in your home, it’s best if you work with a professional closet manufacturer. Visit our website to see all the beautiful custom closet work we have done.

It is important when choosing a sliding wardrobe to pay special attention to the quality of the guides and mechanisms because the durability of the wardrobe depends on them. If they are not of quality, it is easy for the doors to end up hanging or coming out of the guides.

Contact us now, to get free advice on the choice of materials, design, and also on everything you need to get the best custom sliding closet doors.