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Sliding doors are made with frames and panels that can be slid over a set of upper and lower tracks as they are opened or closed.
Sliding doors can be a great choice if you have a small home or are looking to save space. This is because unlike regular hinged doors, they do not need to take up space when they need to be opened. This is why sliding doors can be the perfect doors for small space at your home where you have plenty of furniture or those which usually receive a lot of traffic.

Closet Sliding Doors Toronto

We provide custom sliding doors that will fit your needs.
All the tracks and frames are of aluminum alloy with different shapes and colors.
The decorative panels can be mirrored, laminate frosted or clear glass with MDF boards in different colors.


Closet sliding doors

Choose sliding doors for your closets is a smart choice. You have various kinds of styles to choose.


Room dividers

Sliding doors are the perfect choice for room dividers.


Wood french doors

In roomidea, when you order custom wood french doors, you can choose to install into hinge doors or sliding doors.