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Sliding doors are made with frames and panels that can be slide over a set of upper and lower tracks as they are opened or closed. Sliding doors can be used for closets, room dividers. 
Sliding doors is a great choice if you have a small home or are looking to save space. This is because unlike regular hinged doors, they do not need to take up space when they need to be opened. This is why sliding doors can be the perfect doors for closet doors or room dividers at your home where you have plenty of furniture or those which usually receive a lot of traffic.

Closet Sliding Doors Toronto 

Room Dividers Toronto

We provide custom sliding doors that will fit your needs. Either closet sliding doors or room divider sliding doors.
All the tracks and frames are of aluminum alloy with different shapes and colors.
We make melamine finish closet sliding doors, mirror sliding doors, glass sliding doors.....


Closet sliding doors

Choose sliding doors for your closets is a smart choice. You have various kinds of styles to choose.


Room dividers

Sliding doors are the perfect choice for room dividers.


Wood french doors---Discountinued

In roomidea, when you order custom wood french doors, you can choose to install into hinge doors or sliding doors.




What our customers in Toronto talk about us

Walter Varma
Walter Varma
Customer from Toronto

Roomidea helped us install a 10' custom closet sliding door (3 panels). Cathy was super helpful in our initial consultation and managing through the project. She was professional, courteous, and kept her promises regarding timing). The installers were very efficient. I highly recommend Roomidea!


I recently moved to a new apartment and need a custom closet with sliding doors as well as a walk-in closet. I Googled to find Roomidea, and it turned out that their products are surprisingly good: the sliding doors can slide very smoothly, and I really like the different make-and-match that they offer. The walk-in closet managed to make use of all the space available with no dead corners.
Cathy was patient enough to give me professional suggestions on my design in the showroom; their installation team is also very efficient and polite. The whole installation process was clean and neat, and the final looking is way beyond my expectations. Really happy with this experience and will strongly recommend Roomidea to my friends.

Nick Cordeiro
Nick Cordeiro
Customer from North York

It is the second time we work with Roomidea Cathy and David for our closet and sliding doors, They listened to your request, working with your budget, they use very popular material, they made the closets and sliding doors precisely to fit your space, Roomidea is a very reliable company to work with, highly recommend Roomidea to you.

Mark Fung
Mark Fung
Customer from Thornhill

Great experience with the team. The people are friendly, professional and efficient. I'd definitely work with them again for my next project. Highly recommended.

Komani Krishnakumar
Komani Krishnakumar
Customer from Vaughan

We ordered custom sliding doors and kitchen pantry from Room idea Decoration good customer service and competitive price and good and prompt service.full satisfaction .Thanks Cathy and ur team.

Dianne Neubauer
Dianne Neubauer
Customer from Toronto

Hi Cathy, I’d like to thank you for your excellent advice to help me make the best choices for our closet needs. You and David were both very patient, helping me adjust the designs so we were able to maximize all the storage space available in our condo. I was also very impressed with your installers who were very organized, professional, respectful of our home and were a great team to complete the work in one day. Thank you very much!

Tomide Olaniyi
Tomide Olaniyi
Customer from Markham

I had a good experience with Room idea, the price to install a sliding door for my den was reasonable and the quality of the work was pretty good. Would def recommend.

Priscilla Ratcliffe
Priscilla Ratcliffe
Customer from Richmond Hill

We ordered four sets of sliding closet doors and we are extremely happy with the quality. Excellent customer service from ordering through to delivery. The installation team were efficient and very respectful of our property. Would highly recommend this company.

Suresh Iyer
Suresh Iyer
Customer from Toronto

Cathy, with her team, is amazing. From the time of our first visit to the showroom to the final installation...we had a pleasant experience. Cathy is very knowledgeable, customer friendly, courteous and takes time to understand the customer needs. She was accomodative to change the design a couple of times to suit our specific requirements. Her installation team was punctual and efficient and did not compromise on the finish, even though they had to revisit. Based on overall experience and price, I will recommend Room idea to anyone.

Usca Auto Parts
Usca Auto Parts
Customer from Toronto

We got quotes and designs from 5 different custom closet companies, and room idea was both the highest quality and lowest price. The whole process was easy, and working with Cathy was great. We're thinking about doing another project after how easy this was!

Customer from Toronto

Got my closet sliding doors replaced in my condo and they did an amazing job. Best prices in the city and great customer service!

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Best Sliding doors from RoomIdea

Sliding doors are aesthetic pieces of door furniture with two or more door panels that move over a roller track. Sliding doors reveal a one-sided view of the door at a particular time, which may otherwise seem like a downside, but they have outstanding space-saving capabilities. RoomIdea Decorations is an expert in the manufacturing and installation of quality sliding doors.

Stylishly built

Sliding doors come in virtually any kind of design. This gives you an essentially limitless selection of styles and patterns. There are sliding doors built with glass, mirrors, wood veneer, or blackboard paneling. Most sliding doors have built-in tracks at the top and bottom that help close the opening.

Unique designs to choose from

Sliding doors come in a variety of forms and designs, all of which are available at RoomIdea Decoration Inc. We have closet sliding doors, room dividers, glass sliding doors, mirror sliding doors, sliding doors with hardware, and a closet with sliding doors.

Benefits of sliding doors

Once the house or apartment has been planned or built and there is room for the furniture and equipment, the disadvantages of revolving doors quickly become apparent: the pivoting range of the door is a nuisance; a cupboard is in the way and the door cannot be opened fully; the planned location of a piece of furniture cannot be realized because the door no longer opens completely; useless corners ("behind the door") have emerged; the desired generosity is not achieved by open or closed doors standing in the room. This results in many benefits for sliding doors in practice:

Creates a comfy Space

Sliding doors save space because the pivoting range of normal revolving doors does not have to be considered. This advantage is important in small rooms.

Suitable for any type of room

Sliding doors can be used in almost all rooms, even where a certain tightness of the door is desired.

Elegant and yet comfortable

Sliding doors not only save space but are also an important design element in the house. That's why you should deal with the materials and styles during the planning phase. The functionality is usually not affected and can be implemented with most materials. Such a sliding door with a wooden frame and frosted glass has both a practical and decorative purpose: it not only looks great but also hides things behind the doors that you don't always want to see. This can be, for example, a closet sliding door, or a sliding door for storage space for all kinds of items, or even groceries.

Sliding doors are "discrete"; they disappear into the wall and are not in the way when they are open. Revolving doors look less elegant when open.

Glass sliding doors allow more light to pass through than revolving doors with a light cut-out. Sliding doors also allow larger door leaf dimensions than revolving doors, and they come in diverse designs.

When you check out our gallery, you will have ample options for beautiful and functional sliding doors to choose from.

A multiplicity of use

Sliding doors can serve as room dividers. Open sliding doors increase the spatial effect and create a uniform line across the room boundaries. If the sliding doors are made of glass, the spatial effect is also given when closed (this also applies to all-glass revolving doors, of course). The design diversity of sliding doors is just as great as that of revolving doors.

Pro safety innovation

Sliding doors cannot slam shut in case of a fire outbreak. They can also be closed with little noise.

The convenience of barrier-free spaces

Sliding doors are always the best option if doors are to be left open most of the time. Sliding doors play a major role in the design of barrier-free rooms, as they offer nothing but advantages for both slightly disabled people and wheelchair users.

Architecturally plausible

Sliding doors offer a technical advantage when it comes to loading distribution: while the weight of revolving doors hangs on an upright side, with sliding doors, the load is distributed at the top or bottom. This construction allows for high door leaf weights.

Types of sliding doors

The decision for the right sliding doors depends on your unique circumstances and needs. It's not surprising that most customers know little about the different options for sliding door parts. This often raises questions, especially with large price deviations in the offers from different providers.

Below are essentially three types of sliding glass elements:

Parallel sliding and tilting door (PSK)

The parallel sliding door is the most cost-effective entry point for houses with smaller door openings. The wings can be tilted as desired.

Lift and slide door

For the largest possible passageways and easy handling. A barrier-free version is possible.

Folding sliding elements

The design variant with limitless openness. By folding the glass wings together to save space, inside and outside merge.

What to consider when choosing a sliding door type

To figure out which sliding system is best for your needs and your home, you should first think about the following options:

The dimensions of the sliding elements

When renovating old buildings, the openings are often not very large. The parallel sliding/tilting door is well suited for a width of up to 3 meters. It is the most cost-effective option because it has a thin profile that makes it easy to fit into an existing building.

In new buildings, very large glass surfaces are often preferred today; room concepts flooded with light and extensive views are the focus. Lift and slide doors and folding and sliding elements are equally suitable for room-high and very wide glass surfaces.

At RoomIdea, we have exquisite slide doors with different heights. We can also take the measurements and build you a custom sliding door that best suits your needs.

The opening size needs

It can be said that PSK and lift-slide doors can only be partially opened because of the fixed-glazed elements since the sliding door slides behind the fixed element. Even very large openings of up to 7 meters are now possible with lift and slide doors.

Folding sliding doors‌ can be used particularly flexibly with up to seven elements. The wings can be folded together easily and in a particularly space-saving manner to enable large passages with opening widths of up to 8 meters. To illustrate: With a total width of 6 meters, the folded wings only need 0.5 meters when parked open. There is a reasonable meterage of unrestricted passage to the outside.

Consider accessibility options

Lift-and-slide doors and elements that fold and slide are both great ways to get from inside to outside with no obstacles. Many of the offered speed bumps are almost flat. In this context, pay attention to the thermal insulation properties. A thermally separated threshold also prevents the formation of condensation and enables a barrier-free design.

Consider the construction materials and finishes

PSK profiles and lift and slide doors are available in wood, aluminum, and lead-free rigid PVC. With sliding doors made of plastic in particular, there are many options available to you for your design ideas - both for the handle and for the profiles:

  • definitive white
  • Engrossing wood or colored plain decors, available on one or both sides
  • Aluminum shells either with powder-coated or anodized surfaces

From our point of view, only aluminum profiles are suitable for folding glass doors for reasons of stability. Thanks to the various options for aluminum coatings, and a wide range of design options here.

Where to install sliding doors

You can install sliding doors in almost any space. Here are a few examples:

Closet sliding doors

These are lightweight but powerful, and durable aesthetic. The ideal approach to enhance a place while conserving space is with sliding closet doors. At RoomIdea, we offer a unique selection of contemporary closet doors that are both pre-made and custom-made. Our glass closet doors are the gold standard in terms of quality, with thick, laminated, or tempered glass and a sophisticated locking mechanism. Every aspect was planned to impress. Every door is made to be secure.

To fit your needs, RoomIdea provides a variety of closet door designs. Modern frame designs are available, or you can design a frame from scratch.

Room dividers

Have the arrangement of your room arrangement fallen short of your demands? Are you left with no other option than the reconstruction of your home? That's about to change with sliding room dividers from RoomIdea.

Any of your rooms may be transformed into a new, distinct environment that can be closed off or opened up as needed. Our sliding room dividers provide you the flexibility you need to make a space work for you and are the perfect option for both homes and workplaces. When the office's divider door is open, you may easily interact with coworkers or take part in business culture. Slide the room divider closed to create a private space where you may work if you need to take a business call or concentrate on a challenging assignment.

Glass sliding doors

Sliding glass doors are an excellent alternative for conserving space in your garden, closet, or deck. They glide open while remaining flush with the wall, allowing for easy access to the outside, even in confined areas.

Sliding glass doors comprise glass panes that glide open horizontally. These doors do not swing open, therefore less room is required to operate them.

Sliding patio doors let in a great deal of natural light and fresh air, so making rooms bright.

With both classic and modern designs, they suit any residence. These doors are available in wood, fiberglass, or vinyl and 2-, 3-, and 4-panel formats to meet the needs and budget of any project.

Mirror sliding doors

A wall of mirrors creates the idea that there is more space than there is. It truly reflects the space! This design is not restricted to the bedroom; it can be replicated in dark corridors, closets, living rooms, kitchens, offices, and even the garage! The usage of mirror doors in the home office, where clutter may be concealed by the sliding of a door, is a recent trend.

Other areas we mostly see sliding doors are in large living areas that house the kitchen, dining room, and lounge area. But also in the bedroom, they are a great way to delimit the space for a clothes corner instead of a wardrobe.

Why work with RoomIdea?

A sliding door from RoomIdea decoration Inc. is practical‌: whether it is closet sliding doors, room dividers, glass sliding doors, mirror sliding doors, or sliding doors with hardware. All our sliding door adapts optimally to the requirements and optimally serves their purpose.

At RoomIdea, you get sliding doors with a five years warranty, plus a standard charge for yearly maintenance (if need be).

Call us to get all the help you need help with the installation of new sliding doors or the maintenance of an old one.