We care for your requests & budgets to let you create a dream home

We care for your requests & budgets to let you create a dream home

We care for your requests & budgets to let you create a dream home

We care for your requests & budgets to let you create a dream home

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Roomidea makes your closets, sliding doors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities or your entertainment units stand out in many ways, design, manufacturing quality and materials unmatched to those you buy from retail outlets.

Our customers come to us when they want professional advice, design that makes that space more accommodating to their specific needs and taste. Our customer satisfaction is our marketing strategy and we take the extra time in the design so that our work will be put to use and shine for years to come.

When you are searching for a Toronto based company to make and install custom closets; sliding doors for your closets and room dividers; kitchen cabinets; entertainment units; home office; bathroom vanity and other cabinets – consider Roomidea first.  You can see our products and work at our showroom in Toronto.


FREE Design Consultation


Even if you are considering retail products, give us a call at 416-499-7666 or fill out the FREE Design Consultation request form on our site. Our design consultation is free! Or just drop by our showroom to see our samples and discuss with us about your project, we open on weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Retail products that may not fit your specific expectations, your home and office are the places you spend the most time at, enjoy custom designed solutions and you will be surprised that the price difference in many projects is nominal.

Roomidea is affordable and can match the prices of our competitors using quality materials and professional installation and service.

Why choose us


From design to measurement, from manufacturer to installation, we are committed to deliver our high quality products and service to our customers in each of the projects


Exactly fit your space

High quality & eco-friendly material

Competitive price in fine craftwork


  • We care for your requests & budgets to let you create a dream home;
  • We choose high quality and eco-friendly material;
  • We provide creative and functional design just for you;
  • We build your custom products elaborately;
  • We install all the products carefully and precisely;
  • We provide excellent service;
  • The most important thing: our price is quite competitive.

how we work


 We work with home owners; builders; contractors; designers and etc


Roomidea provides free consultation from custom closets, sliding doors to kitchen cabinets; we offer professional advices and we care for your needs and budgets.


After taking exact measurements and knowing your needs, Roomidea will complete detailed drawings for customers to make confirmation.


Each of the projects will be made elaborately and accurately with the finest materials at our workshop.


Your products will be precisely installed at your home. Our installation technicians always work efficiently, and we will cleaning up after installation.


Your Custom Closet Solution Expert

6 Benefits of Custom closet organizers and how to get the best

Custom closet organizers are a must-have in every home today. You will feel its absence when it is not there. If you are not battling with wardrobe disorganization, you may run into the stress of trying to figure out the perfect dress for that important event.  Imagine believing that you have nothing to wear simply because you have a dysfunctional wardrobe that displays the same items in your closet.

There are also times when you'd experience the disappointment of taking home a brand-new item of clothing, only to discover a similar item stashed away in the chaos of your wardrobe.

How about the time it takes to get dressed because you can't quickly discover the particular clothes you want to wear? Your necklaces need to be untangled and arranged, or do you have to look for your favorite shoes again?

The above are just a few of the issues that might make custom closet organizers necessary. Everyone could use a little less stress right now, and a well-organized closet makes it simpler to pull everything together, keeps your clothing fresh and pressed, provides order to wardrobe chaos, and makes dressing enjoyable rather than stressful.

Why are custom closet organizers important? Here are some advantages that your new closet organization system will provide

Make It Much Simpler To Find What You Need

Closets are made in a way that makes it easy to keep things in order and easy to get to them when you need them. It is undoubtedly pretty easy to keep things neatly organized. Looking for things and not finding them readily available is often draining and disheartening. Whether it is the extra wrapping paper as you rush out to a birthday celebration, your best suit before a major meeting, or those ideal shoes before a big date, a poorly organized home will completely derail your day.

Custom closet organizers make finding things much easier and save you from running late each time because you couldn't find something to complete your wardrobe.

You will save yourself stress throughout your hectic day by using suitable custom closet organizers. To live a more organized life, choose from our custom closets, walk-in custom closet organizers, walk-in closets, and reach-in closets.

Custom custom closet organizers from RoomIdea ensure you won't have to guess, keep looking in the same spot, or wonder how you lost a pair of trousers.

Custom closet organizers help you save time

You need a place to store all of your clothes, of course. Your unique personal storage requirements are considered while creating a personalized closet system. There are a lot of options and features to choose from, such as drawers, shelves, roll-outs, cubbies, tie, and belt racks, tilt-out hampers, valet bars, ironing boards in drawers, pull-out mirrors, islands, countertops, and so on. There are also custom closet organizers for fantastic jewelry organization systems: long hanging, double hanging, triple hanging, and more.

RoomIdea has the right custom closet organizers that are made for you, your needs, and your tastes if you want to get the order and organization in your closet that you want.

The best approach to making the most of your storage space means working with a professional closet organizer company such as RoomIdea. We design, build and install the best custom closet organizers that offer your needed solutions.

Enjoy the ease that comes with getting and keeping things organized

Instead of seeking and straining while racing against the clock and becoming more irritated, being organized helps you to spend your energy and effort on more essential things. You won't have to look for those gloves or the pair of socks that go with them. There is no need to struggle to find a set of pants, a skirt, or a blouse that isn't too wrinkled to wear. Being organized can help you sleep better, feel less stressed, have better relationships, feel less anxious and depressed, and get more done. That seems like a winning idea, right?

Use a customized closet organizer to create space

More advantages exist for custom closet organizers than just organization. You feel better and have more time to focus on important things when you are organized. Let Roomidea design your closets so you can use your new closet organizer right away and enjoy all the comfort it brings.

Find what you need quickly and effortlessly, rather than stressing or looking. Enjoy the advantages of a well-planned system of custom closet organizers. You won't have to worry about space because we create custom custom closet organizers that fit into the existing architectural design of your home. Everything is set up so that the spaces in your home are optimized to contain all your personal effects. The items you use the most are the simplest to get to, while the items you don't use very often are kept out of the way.

Maximized storage

The first step toward being able to store more is to make better use of the space that already exists. We all tend to collect more things, but if we can't store and organize them in a way that makes sense and is comfortable, with each category of things being easy to see and reach, we won't feel truly happy and at home in our closets. There are many areas of your home where more organization and less chaos would be appreciated. Such areas are where professionally designed organizations have a valuable place. Pie, rounded, or L-shaped corner shelves; roll-outs, cubbies, and wall-mounted racks; shoe storage beneath benches in mudrooms; and deep drawers incorporated into a central island are just a few examples of features that can help you make the most of space that is otherwise wasted.

The best way to make the most of your home's storage space is to use every available space. Using any of our amazing alternatives that are currently available, you can even construct a multi-use room and create a combined area, such as an office/den, office/spare bedroom, or office/play or hobby room. The most recent systems can be made with built-in cabinets for extra storage or bedding while still offering a cozy space for you and your visitors. By designing a space with two functions, you are not only maximizing your storage but also making the most of everything your house offers.

The closet organization promotes mental calm

Custom closet organizers are one of the easiest and best ways to make the most of the space you have. The ability to create and maintain closet organization is undoubtedly one of the largest advantages of custom closet organizers. The advantages of custom closet organizers are that they will last as long as you live in your apartment. Get one of our strong, well-made custom closet organizers and enjoy the peace of mind that so many of our customers have. Designed by Roomidea, our custom closet organizers are everything you will ever want.

Best closets in the market

There are many types of custom closet organizers available, ranging from expensive do-it-yourself organizers to systems that are professionally built. Here is a list of the different categories of custom closet organizers.

Walk-in closet

Walk-in custom closet organizers are large closets that are primarily used for storing clothing, footwear, and other personal things, as well as functioning as a changing room. Despite their name, walk-in closets are closets that can be entered and browsed through while standing up. Usually, it is a small space with a wall-mounted cabinet, shelves, and drawers that may or may not have doors.

Modern walk-in closets are frequently more than just "closets," with some being transformed into private sanctuaries for meditation or a place to unwind and relax away from other close family relatives. Some of the uncommon features that people frequently incorporate include washers and dryers with laundry stations, mini-refrigerators with wine bars, counters with espresso machines, charging stations and small workstations, and lounge areas.

Reach-in closets

Unlike the walk-in closet that you can walk into, a reach-in closet is differently designed for you to reach into. If your home is small and has limited availability of space, you can use reach-in closets intended to create a straightforward yet practical closet. Reach-in closets often referred to as built-in closets, are frequently built into a wall to save space in the room. Most reach-in closets can accommodate a sizable closet organizer so that you can easily access everything and see where it is kept.

Custom closets

Custom closets are built to meet your taste and fit into your unique home. At RoomIideas, you may decide to choose your specification and send them to us online or offline. Custom closets are about any type of closet built according to your unique specification; from reach-in to walk-in closets, etc. Your custom closet organizer is built and installed for your comfort.

Important closet organizer accessories

Valet rods for closets

Valet rods are typically mounted on the side of a shelf in a closet and are a great space saver. The poles can be pulled out to add more hanging area. Valet rods are available at Walmart, Home Depot, and other well-known stores. Don't use standard wire hangers to hang your things in the closet. Not only may they harm clothing, but clothing can also just as easily slide off of them, creating a mess in your closet. Use hangers made of solid wood or plastic instead.

Custom shoe kits

Put your shoes somewhere else than the bottom of the closet. They are more prone to get scratched or broken, and you'll never find the pair you're looking for. You can keep your shoes organized by storing them in clear plastic shoe boxes. Both the bottom and upper shelves of your closet are suitable for stacking them in. Get a shoe bag with see-through pockets if your closet isn't big enough to accommodate them. You can view your shoes without having to dig around in the closet thanks to these organizers that hang over the back of the door.

Plastic containers

When you aren't wearing your seasonal clothing, you might need to remove it from your closet if it is little and put it away. Purchase large plastic containers with shallow sides that will slide under your mattress. Bins cost only a few dollars and may be purchased at your neighborhood superstore or container store. In the winter, put away your swimsuits, sandals, and shorts; in the summer, put away your jackets and boots. One of the least expensive closet organization options is plastic containers.

Hangable bags

Whether for walk-in closets or reach-in custom closet organizers, hanging bags come in handy. you can use them to store non-hangable items. They slip easily onto your closet bar, making installation a breeze easy.

Shelving custom closets

With a pleasant set of shelves, you may make significant space savings in your closet. Even while many of your items don't require hanging, you don't want to stow them away in your dresser drawers either. T-shirts, tank tops, and casual slacks may all be stored on shelves after being properly folded. Installing shelves is simple if you follow some advice from your local home improvement shop.

Where to install custom closet organizers

There are several areas of the house where you might wish to consider installing a closet organizer. How well organized are your garage, basement, pantry, and laundry? Would a home office be useful to you? What about a fantastic mudroom? What if you could ensure that your children's rooms are always tidy? All who live an orderly life have a wonderful sense of tranquility. For a risk-free, obligation-free design consultation, Call Us, and let's get organized together!

Why work with RoomIdea?

RoomIdea is one of the best carpentry companies in Toronto. With over 10 years of experience in building beautiful custom closet organizers, our expert team builds and installs quality and durable custom closet organizers for your home. Aside from our quality service, Roomidea Decoration Inc. offers a five-year warranty on custom closet organizers built and installed by us. What are you waiting for? Call us now to get the best solution to your closet organizer needs.