Top Kitchen Cabinet Storage And Organization Ideas For 2023

The kitchen is the heart of every home and one of the reasons many homeowners create a custom home because they want a special kitchen that works for their particular needs. It is the place you dine and wine, have a chat with friends and family, and the most important room because you prepare meals there. It, therefore, beats logic that the room should feel spacious and comfortable for everyone. Among the most important items that your kitchen should have is the kitchen cabinet and if your kitchen feels somewhat boring or lacks space, here are some of the top kitchen cabinet storage ideas you may want to give a shot next year:

Base cabinet drawers

It is wise to consider adding some more drawers to your cabinets. These are not just storage spaces for your utensils, but they are also storage spaces for other items such as hot pads and Tupperware. You need to balance the location of your drawers throughout the kitchen. For instance, you can place one set of your drawers beside the dishwasher for your towels, one other set on the island for larger items, and another one beside the range for your pans and pots.

Upper cabinet spice drawers

Most people cook often when at home. For such people, it is important to consider storage designs that keep the spices right at hand. There are popular cabinet choices for this including a pull-out pantry and a set of spice drawers or an insert.

Recycling and trash

Your kitchen needs to be kept open, clean, and uncluttered, so get built-in recycling and trash bins for this. The only thing you need to think about is where you will need the trash bins often. You can put it next to the refrigerator, pantry, sink, or range, as long it will be within reach whenever you need it. An 18 inches wide base cabinet is large enough to hold both the recycling and trash bin in order to make the sorting easy.

Wine and dine

Apart from storing your favorite wines and wine glasses, you need to add some visual appeal to the kitchen. Most people enjoy wine with dinner and if you are one of them, make sure to add a wine rack. Place the rack in the upper cabinetry and integrate it into the island. A built-in wine rack comes in handy to store that room-temperature wine.

Pull out shelves

For hard-to-reach items, pull-out shelves are the better option because you won’t have to bend in order to reach the items. Use them in base cabinets for those hard-to-reach items. And depending on your preferences, you can still put these pull-out shelves in selected cabinets or all base cabinets.

Keep things easy for usage

You want to keep your things visible. So, if you want to make it easier for someone to see where items are stored, you can use glass doors on the upper cabinets. These doors brighten and lighten the kitchen and are recommended for universal design kitchens.

Lower cabinets

Standard upper cabinets are usually 18 inches above the kitchen countertop surface, so you don’t need to get too high. However, some cabinets can be as low as 15 inches above the kitchen countertops. You can ask a contractor to lower the upper cabinets if it is challenging to reach for the common things.

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