Economy Custom Closet Solution for Toronto & GTA

Achieve your desired closet organization in Toronto & GTA without breaking the bank with our Economy Custom Closet Solution. Crafted with a 3/4-inch thickness in either white or black melamine finish, this design omits the toe kick and backing for a streamlined look. Despite its affordability, it offers versatile design options, including distinct areas for hanging long and short garments, shelving, and optional drawers for an additional cost. This solution is ideal for standard reach-in closets or smaller walk-in closets in Toronto & GTA homes. With our modern custom design tailored for the Toronto & GTA market, you can easily view and access all your clothing items, ensuring a hassle-free dressing experience.


Professional Custom Closet Solution

Elevate your closet space in Toronto & GTA with our Professional Custom Closet Solution. Made with a 3/4-inch thickness and available in a linen finish or various traditional woodgrain melamine finishes, this design includes a toe kick while omitting the backing. While it shares design similarities with the Economy model, the Professional solution offers a broader range of material choices, reflecting the difference in cost. Whether you prefer a fabric texture or a classic woodgrain look, this solution brings a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe organization in the Toronto & GTA region.


Luxury Custom Closet Solution

Indulge in the epitome of closet luxury in Toronto & GTA with our Luxury Custom Closet Solution. This design boasts a 3/4-inch thickness in colored melamine with an authentic wood appearance. Standing tall at 9 feet (compared to the standard 8 feet), it aligns with modern homes in Toronto & GTA featuring high ceilings. Customers can choose between options with or without a backing, and the inclusion of a toe kick. Beyond the standard sections for hanging garments and bags, it offers separate zones for male and female users. Additionally, it features a variety of drawer types, including specialized drawers for jewelry, as well as racks for pants, belts, and ties. Door finish options range from high-gloss to soft touch, or matching woodgrain finishes. This solution is perfect for larger walk-in closets, wardrobes, and those in Toronto & GTA seeking a premium closet experience.