Get Rid Of Your Old Shower Curtain And Go For A Sleek Shower Door!

Your bathroom has the potential to jump from a basic cleaning area to a luxurious little haven for you. The design and the accessories of the bathroom are the ones that matter the most. Turning your bathroom into a little haven does not rely on space as much as it relies on your creativity. Look around your bathroom and see what you can move around to create a welcoming ambience.

Start with tossing the shower curtain

Many people like the idea of a shower curtain because it is cheap and easy to install. Shower curtains also come in an array of designs from peaceful ocean sceneries to funny pictures. However, the new trend in town is shower door installation, which begins with you tossing the shower curtain. A shower door is better looking, and it gives your bathroom a better appearance. It also lasts longer than a shower curtain; it is easy to clean and maintain, and it does not have to be too costly.

Bathroom shower doors come with many benefits. You can customize them to create a theme in the bathroom. They can be an accessory to the walls as well as the floor. Shower doors come in many materials and designs for you to choose from. Make sure that you choose the one that complements the rest of the bathroom. Create a feeling of a modern bathroom by installing frameless glass doors, faux glass doors or translucent plastic doors.

You have many designs and types of shower doors to choose from. The following are a few options that you can consider.

Install sliding shower doors

sliding doors

Sliding shower doors are common in modern homes because they take up less space than contemporary doors. They are installed in such a way that there are two glass panels that slide into each other. The door slides to open and slides in the other direction to close. If you want to save more space, make it in such a way that one panel slides behind the other which does not move at all. Sliding shower doors are easy to maintain, and they create a contemporary mood in the bathroom.

Have a pivot shower door

If you have a shower that is placed in a tight corner or a curve, then a pivot shower door is perfect for you. It is fitted on a single or two walls. You can use a side glass panel to create a modern feel of the door. The door is made in such a way that it opens outwards in the bathroom, and it makes an enclosed area. It comes in a squarer look that is good for small spaces. It is good for making shower enclosures in bathrooms that barely have room for a tub.

Get hinged shower doors

Hinged shower doors operate almost the same as pivot shower doors, but they open at the wall instead of in the bathroom. They can be fitted between glass panels and walls to make a shower enclosure. They are good for you if you have difficulty accessing the shower area due to lack of enough space. If your bathroom has a toilet inside, it is a god idea to use the hinged shower door to make a clear divide of the toilet area and the shower area. You can have the door opening at the further corner, so that does not open near the toilet area.

Bi-ford shower doors

You can install a bi-ford shower door in between glass panels and walls. This door comes with an interesting concertina effect when you open it. If you have a vanity piece or a faucet that may prevent your door from opening fully, then this door is good for you. It has a bezel in the center that keeps light out of the enclosure hence creating the perfect mood for total relaxation.