Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Over the years, several kitchen cabinet colors are in and out of fashion. A fashionable color may last for five to ten years before becoming out of style for the following ten. Like other rooms in a house, a kitchen has its own vibe and attitude. In addition to being warm and welcoming, your kitchen should also exude a sense of modern appeal. New modern kitchen cabinets can help with a lot of this “attitude change.”

Updating your cabinets is one thing, but due to escalating expenses, doing so has typically been out of reach for most people until recently. Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets have recently become more reasonably priced and incredibly fashionable thanks to improvements in the cabinet business. You may now transform your outdated kitchen into the contemporary kitchen you see in home renovation publications. And this new appearance will be inexpensive thanks to ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets.

We contrasted the costs of RTA and completed modern kitchen cabinets. For assembled cabinets, the price difference was around 20% less. Next, we took things a step further and contrasted retail and online RTA kitchen cabinets. The prices were roughly 30% less on the internet than they were in stores! We then evaluated quality. The majority of retail establishments sold modern kitchen cabinets made of particle board. Although they had a fantastic appearance, these cabinets are composed of poor quality materials that will eventually break or distort with regular use. In contrast, the more reliable websites for RTA kitchen cabinets offered solid wood-faced cabinets with paneled wood sides.

Keep in mind that the better RTA websites will prominently include a statement stating that they do not offer particle board. We finally considered the variety. Comparing the two varieties of cabinets, it was roughly equivalent. We discovered seven to ten different cabinet color schemes. These designs came in a variety of colors, from light off-white to dark chestnut. Although the color selection for both assembled and modern kitchen cabinets was adequate, we chose to construct the cabinets ourselves in order to save literally thousands of dollars due to the cost savings associated with the RTA style.

We made the decision to start our project straight away with the savings we discovered. We chose a lighter cabinet color because our kitchen was smaller. We reasoned that a lighter color would reflect light and give the impression that the kitchen is larger. In order to compare rates, we located many RTA kitchen cabinet websites and carefully browsed each one. We placed an internet purchase for the cabinets after sufficient investigation and selection, and they were delivered around two weeks later.

The modern kitchen cabinets were simple to assemble (after we figured out the first one), and installation followed. We installed the cabinets with the assistance of a buddy who is a contractor before moving on to the counter tops. After that, the renovated kitchen was airy, had a homey vibe, and had a fresh, contemporary appearance. With the money we had saved, we could start work on the bathroom. And to our amazement, we discovered that RTA bathroom vanities are now available!

Due to my ability to purchase modern kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost, I am now teaching others how to do the same. Find out where builders and contractors get the modern kitchen cabinets they need for their projects. Check out the websites above if you want to learn more about my secrets.

Making Your Own Modern Kitchen a Reality

Do you shy away from hosting because your kitchen is old? Is it challenging to locate enough storage space? Counterpace: Is it a problem? If you choose yes to any of these inquiries, it could be time to start the kitchen remodeling process. With an updated, modern kitchen, life is surprisingly much simpler.

Many people put off starting such a project because they think there will be too much labor involved. Actually, you can rebuild your kitchen in your spare time and on a tight budget. All you need to know is where to begin.

Recognizing your kitchen’s shortcomings is the first step in designing a modern kitchen. Replace the counters and possibly add an island counter to the center of your kitchen if counter space is a problem. If cabinet space is a concern, consider your current cabinets and consider how you may make them better. Many kitchens from the 1970s and 1980s have poor spatial utilization, and the cabinets frequently stop short of the ceiling. Your kitchen will have more storage and appear larger if you replace the cabinets and make the most of the existing space.

The use of fiberglass and see-through cabinets in contemporary kitchens is one trend. This greatly facilitates the search for appliances, and there are numerous inside cabinet design options as well. One home, for instance, had interiors with floral-patterned paint and see-through cabinetry. This gave their outdated kitchen a lovely, contemporary twist.

Choosing the appliances you should buy to modernize your kitchen is the next step. Many appliances come with low down payments, and there are financing options available to make the purchase even more affordable. If you have an outdated refrigerator, take a trip to the store and look at the newest ones. You will be astounded by how much they have advanced over time. Stoves, dishwashers, and garbage compactors are a few other appliances whose advancements over the last few years have been astounding. All of these kitchen modernization ideas are within your budget.

The use of color in kitchen design during the 1970s and 1980s was yet another disastrous trend. There are a lot of kitchens that are painted in dull, drab colors that are out of date and give your kitchen a cave-like appearance. Try painting the walls a vibrant color and removing the outdated curtains for a quick facelift. Natural light is a popular trend right now, so if you have windows, make the most of them. Use natural illumination in addition to track lighting if your windows don’t let in a lot of light. This will enable you to highlight the area of your kitchen and make it more welcoming for visitors.

No matter how much money you have to spend, the fundamentals of designing modern kitchens are within your grasp. A gorgeous, modern kitchen may restore your enthusiasm for cooking and entertaining. Just be aware of where to begin, what needs to be changed, and how to proceed. Make plans for a dinner party now!