How to Choose the Right Custom Closet System for Your Wardrobe

Custom closets are increasingly becoming an indispensable piece of furniture in homes today. They not only help you store and organize your clothes and accessories, but they are also an important part of decorating your home and office. It is for this reason that if you want to choose the right custom closet, we recommend you find one that meets the dual aim of home organization and beautification. Before we take you on this tour of how to select the best custom closet, let us clearly understand what custom closets are.

What is a custom closet?

A custom closet is a uniquely built piece of furniture with compartments closed by doors. It has shelves and hanger bars on the inside, as well as a lot of other things, like drawers, pants rack, Jewelry drawers, tie racks and etc.

Unique features of custom closets

All custom closets are designed for a unique need and have distinct features. Some custom closets have doors that swing open or slide open. Sliding doors are used in places with narrow passages because they take up less space.

A custom closet fits into any room in the house, adapting its shape and dimensions to the use for which it is intended. In the kitchen, the custom closets are small and are placed under the counter or suspended from the wall. Kitchen custom closets, often called cabinets, are used to store food or kitchen utensils. If they are used for organizing clothes in the halls or other parts of the house, they are called wardrobes. It is used to store and organize clothing in a way that facilitates access to it.

In bathrooms, custom closets are small cabinets made to hold cosmetics or personal hygiene products.

In business places such as companies, workshops, and laboratories, a fireproof custom closet is used to protect objects and products from a fire.

There is also the built-in closet that only has its front part visible, the rest being attached by work to the walls or partitions of the room in which it is located.

Best Materials for Closets

Some closets are made of melamine-coated chipboard, a material that is highly resistant to scratches and tears. They come in finished woods such as oak, walnut, beech, or white. The fronts can be plain or Japanese-styled.

Metal cabinets are a type of custom closet used in industries and offices because of their fire-resistant abilities.

How to choose a custom closet

Custom closets must be unique, beautiful, and organized on the inside. In furniture stores like RoomIdea, there are countless models of custom closets, and deciding on one can be complicated. To help you choose the perfect custom closet that suits your needs, below are a few things to consider when choosing a custom closet.

Know the kind of closet you need

Knowing the basic types of custom closets makes choosing the right one easy. There are two primary types of custom closets to choose from.

  • Walk-in custom closet
  • Built-in custom closet

Walk-in custom closets are easier to install but take up more space, while built-in custom closets don’t get in the way of other furniture in your home. Before making the big decision to buy a custom closet, it is important to figure out how much space you have and what kind of furniture you want.

The interior design specifications

The interior of your custom closet is the most important factor to consider when getting one. It is in this part that you store your properties, your clothes, and what have you. Choosing a custom closet built with the wrong material means that your personal effects are at risk of being damaged. Also, choosing a custom closet that is not specifically built for your property defeats the purpose of staying organized.

The best materials used for custom closets are varnished or lacquered finishes. These are durable but expensive. A better alternative to varnished or lacquered finishes is melamine. They are not so expensive but are less durable than varnished or lacquered finishes.

When choosing the right custom closet, look at the thickness of the materials used. We recommend custom closets built with 3/4-inch-thick materials and above. This is the standard, considering their durability and high market demands.

What you plan to use the custom closet for will determine how the space inside is laid out. To generalize, the minimum that should be available for a standard custom closet is a space for long clothes, a space for short clothes, and a drawer module.

For the best use of the drawers, the runners should be able to be pulled out all the way. This makes it easier to get to the bottom of the drawers, and even the most demanding users can use runners with brakes.

It is also advisable to have shelf space for folded garments. And if you have more space, you can add any number of accessories to the custom closets, like shelves that slide or tilt, laundry baskets, removable mirrors, tie racks, and more.

The most important thing in a custom closet is to achieve a practical, organized interior that allows you to optimize space.

Important note about the closet interior:

To better distribute the interior of a custom closet, it is important to consider how many people are going to use it. The most logical thing is to preserve the most inaccessible areas for what you use the least, separate the shoes, and not abuse drawers as they make the budget more expensive. Design divisions with little depth and height and use all the accessories that exist to order ties, pants, shirts, and others.

Consider the door type

Though optional, doors are one of the most important features of custom closets. This makes‌ it crucial for you to know the different types of custom closet doors and how they function. There are three types of doors for custom closets: sliding, folding, and hinged doors. The choice depends on the size of the closet space, both in width and depth, as well as the aesthetic tastes of each buyer.

We recommend hinged doors for cabinets with a shallow depth, that is, with a total internal hole measurement of up to 2 ft.

For rooms larger than 2.2 feet, the use of folding, sliding, or folding doors is indifferent. It must be borne in mind that for clothes to be hung with sufficient slack and not collide with the doors, a useful depth of 2 ft. must be available.

Otherwise, you should always go with folding doors, and if you want to hang clothes, endeavor to use removable hanging bars.

For a custom closet with a width of up to 3 feet, we recommend the use of folding or hinged doors, never sliding ones. For larger width measurements, it is indifferent, although it is common to install sliding doors. There is a tendency, if there is enough room, to put in doors that are up to 3 feet wide or more.

Also, the location of the custom closet in the room is something to think about when choosing the type of door opening. Hinged doors and, to a lesser extent, folding doors can get in the way of the rest of the bedroom furniture. In situations where the custom closet door will interfere with movement or other furniture in your room, we recommend sliding ones.

Data to consider:

The conventional swing door needs at least 18″ in front in addition to space to pass.

A sliding one allows you to save up to one square meter of space because the panels slide in parallel.


When choosing a custom closet, you should also think about how much room you have in your bedroom for it. It’s important to measure your space and decide if you want a one-piece custom closet or a more modern modular design that can fit in any room. It’s not necessary to get a custom closet with small dimensions for a small room. Built-in wall custom closets with sliding doors are ideal because they provide more space and depth for storing your personal effects.


The aesthetics of the bedroom are also key when choosing a custom closet. This must be in perfect harmony with the rest of the furniture and decorative elements to create a balance that makes your room look more beautiful. In furniture stores, you will find custom closets made of different materials and with a wide variety of finishes, be it wood, a combination of wood and glass, lacquered, and much more.

Consider necessary add-ons

If one of your goals when buying furniture like a custom closet is to make the most of the space in your bedroom, a custom closet with a mirror on one of the exterior doors or the inside, if you prefer, is a great choice. This will serve the purpose of giving the room greater amplitude and luminosity.

Don’t forget usage needs

A custom closet stands out from the crowd due to its custom-tailored distribution based on your usage requirements. You need a custom closet that is organized in a way that suits your style of dressing and lifestyle. Therefore, before purchasing one, think about how you would like to place each of the garments and what type of shelves and drawers you will need. Today, it is possible to find cabinets that look like authentic dressing rooms, in which order is assured.

Be intentional about what you want

The ideal way to have all the clothes and accessories at hand is to divide the wardrobe into at least two heights, place shelves for coats, jackets, dresses, and shirts, add more shelves for sweaters and t-shirts, and, above all, reserve a separate space to install other accessories. For women, you may consider a makeup section with a mirror installed. With all the needed sections added to your custom closet, you are assured of complete furniture that keeps your house adequately organized and your properties safe.


Every home needs a custom closet. Aside from helping you stay organized, it adds to the interior beauty of your home. Choosing the right custom closet is not rocket science. There are currently many custom closets in models, shapes, and colors from which you can choose. If you have a large space, choose a modular custom; you can always add more pieces if you need them.

RoomIdea offers you a wide variety of unique custom closets. You can choose the best from our custom closet gallery or contact us to discuss your unique closet needs. We have experienced professionals who are available to help you choose the best custom closet for your needs.