Extra Features You Should Ask For When Ordering A Custom Walk In Closet

Custom closets are all the rage these days. They allow any homeowner to come up with a means of organizing their spaces in such a manner that it will not only be convenient to use, but that it will also be aesthetically pleasing. If you are considering investing in a custom closet, having an idea about some of the features you can get from one will always come in handy. It will give you an idea of what is possible, which will make it easier for you to get a custom closet that will truly fit your needs. Some of the more popular options you can get include:

Specialized organization systems

If keeping your living space organized is the main goal of getting the custom closet, you should not settle for basic ways of doing this. Some of the features you can ask for to make organization easier include modular designs, which allow you to completely change the look and feel of the closet by simply moving some of the modules around. You could also invest in pull-out hanging units and other storage compartments that allow you to make use of every inch of space in the closet. This way, even if you have a relatively small walk-in closet, you will be able to use all of its space efficiently. Not all closets offer this, so you need to be keen on the models you buy.

Having an island in the closet

If you invest in a walk-in closet, you should consider ordering an island for it as well. In addition to being used as the focal point of the storage space, you can also include other storage compartments within it including drawers and cabinets. This has the potential to increase the storage capacity of the closet. The island’s main function would be to offer a space for you to do your make up or dress up without having to leave the closet.

Ask for a belt rack

Belts can be tricky for most people to store, especially if they own a number. In addition to problems such as kinking, belts tend to get lost quite often if they are not stored properly. Asking for the custom close to include a belt rack will make it easier to store them out of sight but in such a manner that you will easily find them when needed. If you happen to own a large number of them, specialized belt racks can display all of them at once, helping you pick the one you want at any time without having to go through the whole bunch. This saves a lot of time.

Install an ironing station in the closet

If you have enough space, consider getting an ironing board within the closet. This can be a permanent fixture, which means that you wouldn’t need to keep folding and unfolding an ironing board whenever you need to iron your clothes. If you regularly iron your clothes before putting them in storage, having the ironing board in the closet will also come in handy. You will not need to keep walking back and forth from the ironing board to the closet.

Get lounge furniture in the closet

Most people who have walk in closets tend to spend a significant amount of time in the closets. Having lounge furniture such as a simple chaise lounge makes it easy for you to go through the process of dressing up in comfort.

These accessories are not routinely included in custom closets. Having them installed is likely to turn out to be a good idea, since it helps you get more out of the closet. They might increase the cost of the closets, but only slightly so.