Custom Closet Doors That Will Make Your Room Look Fresh

Custom closet doors are all-important interior decorations that we pay less attention to. Custom closet doors, which are frequently overlooked, will improve the interior of your home. Here is our simple guide to help you find inspiration and familiarize yourself with the many closet door possibilities.

How to select the best custom closet door

Choosing a functional closet door that fits is an important step toward having the home of your dreams. The experts at RoomIdea have made a complete guide to help you choose one of our high-quality custom closet doors.

Top-quality custom closet doors

The best custom closet door is determined by the location and size of the closet. The space in the room is another determining factor. No matter what kind, you want a closet door that makes it easy to get into the closet and matches the style of your home. Here are some of our best picks for custom closet doors for you.

Standard swinging hinge door

In many classic homes, reach-in closets have either a single-hinged door or twin doors. By adding hooks, pockets, or racks to the back of the door, you can increase the storage capacity of your closet. A normal hinged door that opens outward has the disadvantage that nothing can be in the way. This might cause traffic flow issues in confined areas.

From RoomIdea, you can get custom hinge doors for closets made from a variety of materials and in a variety of styles.

Sliding custom closet doors

Sliding doors having two or more door panels that move along a roller track are referred to as bypass custom closet doors in the sliding door industry. They enhance the beauty and value of your home and are excellent for saving space.

Any type or style of internal door can be installed in a bypass closet door set. Because of this, you have an essentially limitless selection of styles and patterns. A few sliding custom closet doors also feature specialized built-in tracks at the bottom and top of the opening. Sliding custom closet doors can be paneled with chalkboards, mirrors, glass, or wood veneer.

Bifold custom closet doors

Bi-folding doors, which can be set up to fold back to one or both sides, are a better option than sliding doors since they allow you to use the entire width of your closet while only taking up half the area of a swinging door. However, bi-folding doors have twice as many moving components as sliding doors, which increases the risk of binding or falling off the tracks.

The bifold custom closet doors look nice because they have two door panels that are the same size and shape and slide out from a hinge in the middle. The door for closets is attached to the sides of the closet opening and allows you access to your full closet area. Bifold custom closet doors from RoomIdea are available in a range of colors, builds, and features. Reach us now for a free quote.

Glass custom closet doors

Glass custom closet doors make your closet and any other space more accessible! Small bedrooms and cramped entryways are abruptly replaced by open, airy spaces. To give your closet a completely different appearance, sliding glass custom closet doors can be frosted, engraved, or painted with custom glass. Want to use the full closet without the door taking up any space? No issue! Sliding glass doors are great for any size opening, even ones that are very long. Center access is frequently required for internal closet organizing systems and narrow apertures and is provided by bifold custom closet doors and swinging door systems. If you want to make your closet look more modern, consider installing glass barn doors.

Durable closet glass doors

Concerned about the fragility of glasses? The great news is that you can get safety-glass custom closet doors that ensure the safety of your home. Safety glass doors for closets do not pose too much of safety threats even when broken. A few good examples are:

Tempered Glass doors

This type of glass can stand up to the effects of wind, heat, and hits. Instead of splintering into sharp, jagged pieces when it breaks, tempered glass crumbles into innocuous, cube-shaped pieces.

Laminated Glass doors

This type of glass is like reflecting glass because it minimizes glare and screens out ultraviolet (UV) rays. High-gloss-finish glass doors are also available in this category.

RoomIdea offers professional design and installation of safety glass doors throughout the GTA. Call 416-499-7666 right now to set up a free design consultation with an expert on one of our products.

Prehung Custom closet doors

Pre-hung custom closet doors come with the frame and hinges, as well as everything else you need to install them. Pre-hung custom closet doors differ from slab doors, which only come with the door and no hardware for installing it. Our entire inventory of interior doors is offered as pre-hung solutions.

Other custom closet doors to consider

You can consider the following alternatives for custom closet doors:

  • To add color and texture to your home, make a closet “door” out of fabric panels or curtains.
  • A barn door that slides along a top track adds a beautiful design element to the adjacent room in a house decorated in rustic style.
  • For closets that are frequently open, pocket doors are fantastic.

Solutions to old custom closet doors

Modern wardrobe with sliding door and mirror in bedroom interior

The ravages of time also gnaw at pieces of furniture. After some moves, pets, or simply after many years, quirks and scratches have left their mark, and the doors have warped or torn out in some places. Or you’ve just had your fill and want to bring new momentum into the room. Instead of spending a lot of money on a whole new closet, you could just get new custom closet doors from RoomIdea that are made to fit your closet.

What to expect while installing new custom closet doors from RoomIdea.

Doors built to last

The track mechanisms on older sliding doors are weak and cannot withstand years of frequent operation. However, modern sliding doors differ in practically every detail. Everything starts with a design consultation during which we find out what you require and show our capabilities.

The installation and manufacturing are long-lasting. No matter how many times you open and close the doors, the rollers won’t pop out since the tracks are strong and not fragile. The door materials are not only exquisite but also durable under heavy use. These doors are heavy-duty, and it shows.

Not just your standard door

Forget about the classic sliding door-type restrictions. What’s accessible right now is unquestionably modern. We use a broad variety of potential materials and colors when creating sliding doors to your specifications.

Do you adore the appearance of glass? You may possess it. There are also sliding doors made of laminate and wood grain. Whatever you enjoy, there’s a good chance we can design and build it to match your house.

Sliding Doors Have Several Uses

You have likely seen sliding barn doors if you keep up with design trends. The idea is sound, but putting it into practice successfully is a little more difficult. You can create a pretty stylish appearance over an entrance with barn doors from The Closet Works without worrying about any swinging door clearance.

Old sliding doors can be a real headache, but new doors from Closet Works ease all of your problems. Our in-house designers can assist you in creating something you’ll truly adore that will operate flawlessly at a guaranteed cheap price if yours is out of fashion, worn out, damaged, or suffer from a combination of those issues.

Say goodbye to squeaky tracks, pop-out sliders, and unsightly doors. Make an appointment for a free design consultation right now to see how stunning, durable, and practical new sliding doors can be.

Why custom closet doors from RoomIdea?

Quality, made in Canada

Your quality doors for closets from RoomIdea are 100% made in our carpentry workshop, with a production site in Ontario.

For you, we value high quality from real craftsmanship and can secure local jobs.

Because we use high-quality materials and control the quality of our products ourselves, we can give you a 5-year guarantee.

Years of fruitful experience

Since our establishment in 2010, RoomIdea has built incredible relationships all over GTA through our exquisite service. Our doors for closets are bespoke and exceptional, as shown in our gallery.

Rapt attention to detail

For the production of our products, we only use high-quality materials and fittings.

You will enjoy your furniture for a long time. We always pay attention to the origin and value of the small details on your piece of furniture.

More quality, more individuality

RoomIdea combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies and offers you the opportunity to design furniture online according to your wishes.

For you, this means you configure your furniture just the way you want it and receive custom-made and, at the same time, inexpensive quality products for your home from RoomIdea.

Customized for you

To guarantee a consistent product, we oversee the entire process—including all manufacturing protocols—from start to finish. You receive factory direct prices in this manner without paying extra for a middleman. Before a product is released, we test it severally. This excellence is unrivaled and contributes to the high number of satisfied and loyal customers we have.

Inventive design

Our proprietary design technology provides quality and safety while allowing for modular flexibility. We are the first and only business to install a wheel mechanism in a sliding door’s vertical frame. The wheel placement, combined with the revolutionary Wheel-To-Track locking mechanism, offers substantial strength, structure, and safety, guaranteeing that your panels won’t deviate off their track.


There are virtually endless options to match any décor and usefulness because of the diversity of glass opacities and frame finishes. Your craziest thoughts can come true with the help of our design team, CAD, and graphics teams. Most businesses sell their inventory. Our goods are designed specifically for you and are manufactured to order. Every order is customized to your preferences and demands and made to your specifications.

We set the pace

To meet and surpass the demands, requirements, and trends of the market, we continuously innovate. We have a high rate of return business because we pay close attention to what our customers want. We frequently develop new solutions to assist clients in home and commercial settings with their space planning problems.

Built by the best

Enjoy our classic designs that can be used in any project, from modern to rustic to transitional and traditional. Our products have a  clean, streamlined appearance and feel which lets you use them anywhere. You may be sure that the products will complement your style and serve your needs.

Tested and proven

To make sure that our customers receive exactly what they ordered, with best-in-class quality, on time, every time, we use robotics to test each solution before releasing it to the market. We also audit our processes and make improvements at every stage. seamless, reliable production of high quality from the factory to the field.

We are trustworthy

Every element of our company gains your trust. We want you to feel secure and at ease with your choice of The Sliding Door Company, whether we are designing for your home or office. We accomplish this by offering you a world-class product and outstanding customer service across the entire organization, from our sales division to our knowledgeable engineering team.

A 5-year warranty

From the very first glass cut to the very last accessories and design details, every aspect of our products is made to last. We support them with a 5-year limited warranty. The internal door solutions made of glass and aluminum require very little upkeep and never lose their shape. You won’t notice any changes in the product’s quality or shape as time passes or while other products may come and go.

Get Started!

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