A guide to securing sliding doors with sliding door locks

For robbers, sliding doors can be their preferred point of access and exit. They are frequently inadequately secured and, if forced open, facilitate the removal of just about anything from your home.

A central latch is included on most sliding glass doors. They have a wide range in terms of security and quality. Sliding door locks may occasionally feature key holes on one or both sides, however this may not improve the lock’s strength since they typically rely on a keeper, which is frequently a weak component of the lock.

Some sliding doors that are more recent feature internal bolts that either lockdown the top or bottom of the door or both. If you have these vertical bolts, additional security is probably not necessary.

The most affordable and reliable way to secure a sliding door is with a patio bolt. Sometimes it is simple to install the patio bolt, but many people would rather have a locksmith. The top domestic lock available is the carbine patio bolt.

Patio bolts can be installed, allowing the door to be locked with a 100mm ventilation gap. While it is not as secure as when the door is closed and locked, this is only advised for use when the house is occupied.

The Whitco Blaxland is the highest-quality and most affordable lock on the market if a central sliding door lock is required.

Sliding security doors cost many times more than a good lock but offer good ventilation and a degree of security.

It is frequently possible to pull sliding glass doors off the bottom track. Putting a block of wood, plastic, or some screws in the top track of your door to stop it from raising more than about 10mm is an excellent idea.

A cut-to-length piece of broomstick or wooden rod can be placed in the bottom track of a sliding door as an additional inexpensive method of security. This is incredibly efficient and almost free, but it only functions when the movable piece is on the inside.

Every door glass is required to be laminated safety glass by law. Even when cracked, laminated glass is secure because the adhesive holding the glass sheets together prevents the pieces from flying apart. Security film can be used to further harden the glass.

Insurance companies demand key locks on sliding doors. Likewise, the patio bolt, which fastens the door from the inside, is the least expensive and best method for securing a sliding door.

Learn More About Sliding Doors

Sliding doors for windows have seen a sharp increase in demand over the last few years. Due to the increased demand, manufacturers now offer a variety of sliding door options to their customers. The fact that folding sliding doors are mounted into a panel that can slide and fold allows them to open up to six meters or more. As a result, you have more room for air and light and need to use less of the window frame.

French sliding patios, which have the flexibility to change an aperture and subsequently open a space to the outdoors, served as the inspiration for sliding doors. These doors are the preferred option for new construction and modern homes since they allow for room expansion. Shift doors are preferred by homes with gardens because they allow the room or house and garden to blend together. Shift doors have been around for a century, but modern sliding doors offer more energy efficiency for great performance. The most recent ones were made using creative manufacturing techniques and contain insulating materials on the doors and frames.

They are ideal not just for locations where you require a larger space, but also for locations where you need more sunlight and a natural setting. They create more room for the entrance of light and air. As they effectively increase solar gain, the glass used in modern, revolutionary slide doors can aid in lowering heating losses. You have a wide range of options when it comes to the material and color when purchasing these doors. Materials include wood, PVC, metal, and others. Hardwood and softwood have both been utilized extensively with timber when it is desired for the structure to be resistant to twisting or warping. These sliding doors are available in transparent or RAL paint finishes. Due to the fact that timber is a well-known excellent natural insulator, these are highly good insulators and consequently efficient energy solutions. The area of the panel and framing are minimized, while the area of the glass is maximized.

Aluminum sliding doors are made of sturdy, long-lasting aluminum that has been thermally fractured. Since many years ago, hotels and restaurants have used these doors. These are the more traditional sliding door designs that have been utilized in both household and commercial settings. The mechanism created for the purpose makes use of a top with guide rollers and transfers all weight to the bottom. This results in a seamless operation of the door opening and closing. Because of their low maintenance needs, sliding doors continue to be one of the most popular uses for this material. Since sliding doors are the most recent, plastic or PVC is a further popular option. Compared to other materials, plastic doors are the least expensive. When inexpensive and durable doors are required, they are the ideal option. Sometimes, if you want a good design, you’ll have to sacrifice plastic quality.